Is YOUR Marriage A Long Lent? Time for A Resurrection

This is the first time Ash Wednesday and St. Valentine’s Day have fallen on the same day since 1945.  On this auspicious occasion, perhaps it’s time to give up the bitterness, anger, and petty grievances that prevent us from experiencing the loving marriage God wants for us.   My latest column for OSV Newsweekly.

The correspondence of Ash Wednesday and St. Valentine’s Day almost writes its own joke. Sadly, for some couples, getting ashes for Valentine’s Day is not only no laughing matter, it even seems like an all-too-appropriate sign of the state of their marriage.

It’s no coincidence that March is one of the two most popular months for divorce filings. (The other is August.) Struggling couples pray for the strength to make it through the holidays, and then, start meeting with attorneys through January and February. By the time they get their affairs in order, March is upon them and they are ready to file.

If you find yourself facing this possibility, I have a not-so-simple request that I would like you to take to prayer. Namely, this Lent, don’t give up on your marriage.  CONTINUED

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