My Son, Jacob Popcak, In the News

For his presentation at the recent Theology of the Body Congress.

Jacob Popcak, a student at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio, led a group discussion on “How to Start a TOB Organization on Campus.”

“People have wounds. We’re all dealing with similar hurts. Our culture has done a number on everybody both in and outside of the church. Theology of the body is not a mandate, it’s not a get fixed quick solution,” Popcak told CNS in an interview afterward. “It’s the redeeming grace of God saying, ‘Hey, I love every part of you, your body and your soul, your mind and your heart, the desires you love and the desires you’re ashamed of — all of it. And I want to use it for not only my glory, not only your glory, but also for the glory of everyone else on earth and everything that you love.'”“It’s a cosmic love that’s beautifully and practically applied,” Popcak said.

Students and campus ministers, both those new to the theology and those experienced in spreading its message on campus, joined the discussion. Popcak, who leads Franciscan University’s theology of the body organization, offered insights and suggestions to participants.

The biggest virtue needed to bring the theology into campus ministry, Popcak said, is humility.

“Approach it with humility. Really study it. Know enough that you can start living your life according to it — change yourself according to reading it. Once you have done that, be brave, be not afraid; go out and start talking to people — not about what it is but why you love it. Share that love with people and that love and joy will be infectious.”

Ultimately, Popcak encouraged students to keep the leadership of their groups small so they can do big things. Referencing St. Paul, he said, “You can do this stuff because God wants you to. The church was not built on the backs of people who did tiny, measly little things. Do whatever you’re doing to the utmost degree and if God doesn’t like that, he’ll knock you off your horse and make you do something else to the utmost degree.”  READ MORE

My Son, Jacob Popcak, In the News

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