Connected Program

$800.00 is proud to offer CONNECTED: Recovery from Pornography  an internet based group counseling experience designed to help men recover from the obsessional use of pornography and the damage it does to our mind, body, soul, and relationships. Pornography not only creates a distance between man and God, it destroys family relationships and reduces one’s own image and value of self, the only creature that God made in His own image.

Here are some of the things you’ll discover in CONNECTED

    • -The pornography trap.
    • -Practical tools for overcoming temptation triggers.
    • -Healthy attitudes toward yourself, sex, and women.
    • -Identifying and meeting the needs masked by pornography.
    • -How to receive God’s forgiveness, and forgive yourself.
    • -How to heal relationships damage by your use of pornography.
    • -Reconnecting with healthy (and holy) sex.
    • -How to build healthy, healing relationships with God, yourself, and others.
    • -And so much more…



15 sessions will be held virtually. The link to the meeting will be sent to you in an email upon purchase. Dates and times are as follows:

All sessions are held 6:00-7:30 pm EST

  • Session 1: January 10th
  • Session 2: January 12th
  • Session 3: January 17th
  • Session 4: January 19th
  • Session 5: January 24th
  • Session 6: January 31st
  • Session 7: February 7th
  • Session 8: February 14th
  • Session 9: February 21st
  • Session 10: February 28th
  • Session 11: March 7th
  • Session 12: March 14th
  • Session 13: March 21st
  • Session 14: March 28th
  • Session 15: April 4th