Parenting with Grace: Catholic Parent’s® Guide to Raising (almost) Perfect Kids (2nd Ed.)


Exactly what is a “Catholic parent? How does the Theology of the Body inform the relationship between parents and kids? Discover how our faith and insights from contemporary psychology can transform your family and enable you celebrate all the virtues that make life a gift.

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“Why don’t kids come with an instruction manual?”
Actually, they do. It’s just most of us haven’t figured out how to decipher it. But, help is here.

Now family therapist and parent Dr. Gregory Popcak, and his wife, Family Life Coach, Lisa Popcak reveal the guidance God offers every Catholic parent in Parenting with Grace: Catholic Parent’s® Guide to Raising (Almost) Perfect Kids, a truly Catholic approach to parenthood & the ONLY parenting book that applies the Theology of the Body to parenting.

The unique perspective of Parenting with Grace combines orthodox theology with contemporary psychology to show parents:

  • The twelve secrets to raising practically perfect children
  • The nine weapons that wipe out every parent’s worst enemy
  • The five fabulous phases every child must go through
  • The two essential differences between discipline and punishment
  • And finally, the single most powerful parenting technique in the world

Laced with humor, practical examples, and thought-provoking quizzes, Parenting with Grace helps you discover your own God-given instruction manual for creating a highly individualized, completely Catholic parenting plan for your children. Check out the practical advice contained in Parenting with Grace and begin raising your own (almost) perfect children today!

Parenting with Grace is a beautiful application of Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.  It takes John Paul’s vision of what it means to be human and shows how it can transform parenting into a grace-filled encounter allowing both parents and children to plumb the depths of God’s plan for family life and love.–Christopher West, Theology of the Body Institute.

We are in love with this book!  Dr. Bill and Martha Sears, authors, The Baby Book

This book’s “uniquely Catholic” approach to parenting combines vigorous relational advice with careful theology and plenty of good humor.–Publisher’s Weekly