ReConnected Program


There is a lot of attention given to those who struggle with pornography, but not so much for the spouses of porn users. Reconnected is a program to help people who feel betrayed because of their spouses porn usage to identify that they are not the cause of this behavior and to assist them to reconnect (reconcile) with their partners. This 15 week  course is an online group therapy program, designed and facilitated by Dr. Mark Kolodziej from,  a couples counselor who brings our Catholic faith into the healing process.

The topics in this program include the following:

    • -Porn Myths
    • -Its Not your fault
    • -History of Pornography
    • -Shame and Guilt
    • -The brain on pornography
    • -Betrayal and anger
    • -Rebuilding trust
    • -Forgiveness
    • -Holy Sex
    • -Informing Family
    • -Our faith and pornography
    • -Relapse
    • -Helping and providing support for the addict
    • -Self-Care.



15 sessions will be held virtually. The link to the meeting will be sent to you in an email upon purchase. Dates and times are as follows:

All sessions are held 8:00pm -9:30pm EST
  • Session 1: Tuesday September 6th
  • Session 2: Thursday September 8th
  • Session 3: Tuesday September 13th
  • Session 4: Thursday September 15th
  • Session 5: Tuesday September 20th
  • Session 6: Tuesday September 27th
  • Session 7: Tuesday October 4th
  • Session 8: Tuesday October 25th
  • Session 9: Tuesday November 1st
  • Session 10: Tuesday November 8th
  • Session 11: Tuesday November 15th
  • Session 12: Tuesday November 22nd
  • Session 13: Tuesday November 29th
  • Session 14: Tuesday December 6th
  • Session 15: Tuesday December 13th