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Spritual Direction Bios

John Bradmore Strong, MA.,  is a Spiritual Life Coach with CatholicCounselors.com .  As a coach, he is passionate about helping people achieve their goals, draw strength from their faith, and encounter God’s grace more meaningfully in their daily lives. A lifelong Catholic, John pursued degrees in philosophy and history at Purdue University. Following this, he earned his Master’s degree in Philosophy from Mount St. Mary’s Seminary and a Masters in Theology and Christian Ministry from Franciscan University. He serves as the Director of Adult Faith Formation and Campus Ministry at the St. Thomas Aquinas Center at Purdue University. John, his wife and children live in Lafayette, IN. He enjoys hiking, playing guitar, and is grateful to be part of a strong, faithful community.

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Steve Motyl Life Coach As a Catholic Life Coach, Steve inspires and empowers his clients to achieve clarity for where they want to be in life and how to get there. With fatherly encouragement, authentic compassion, and honest prayer, Steve will; Create a positive, life-giving encounter for you to share your story and engage your mind and heart. Ask thought-provoking questions to help you articulate and align your longings, passions, and goals. Provide a safe, objective, intentional space for you to dream, plan, pray, grow and move forward transforming your own life, and in turn inspire, transform, and enrich the lives, relationships, marriages, families, communities, and world around you. With 30+ years of marriage, parenting, and mentoring at prominent Catholic organizations (including EWTN TV, Johnnette Williams Women of Grace, the Theology of the Body Institute and Ascension Press) Steve believes the best is always yet to come. His affirming nature and genuine heart for others combined with his tremendous professional and personal experience makes him a seasoned coach to help you take that next step.  Steve lives in southeast Pennsylvania with his wife, children, dog, barn cats, and chickens. He’s ready and eager to help you live your life to the full.
Steven and Amy Motyl – Marriage Coaches With 30+ years of marriage and parenting, 35+ years working in Catholic ministry mentoring young adults and teens, and 10+ years working with engaged and married couples, Steve and Amy bring the joy, beauty, and challenges of their own marriage to every couple they meet. They have come to deeply love marriage and have found real fulfillment in their own. So much so that it has become a great passion of theirs to coach and mentor other couples. They want every couple to know their marriage is meant to be great, life-long, joy-filled, and ultimately lead them to Heaven. They believe many couples sell themselves short because they sell God short, but He wants our marriages to soar higher than most of us dare to dream! Marriage is a beautiful mess. It takes work, but it’s not nearly as complicated as most couples make it out to be. Steve and Amy reveal what they’ve discovered as they’ve faced their own challenges and triumphs, share how our Catholic Faith holds the key, and instill confidence in couples to know and believe that no matter the past or present, the best is always yet to come. Their affirming nature and genuine heart for others combined with their professional and personal experience make Steve and Amy seasoned coaches to help couples take it to the next level. Steve and Amy live in the Amish countryside of southeast Pennsylvania with their children, dog, barn cats, and chickens. They want to know if you’re ready to live your marriage to the full.

Spiritual Life Coaching FAQs.

Spiritual Direction FAQs

In each session, your Spiritual Life Coach will lead you through a process that will help you define achievable goals, empower you to cooperate more effectively with God’s grace, make a plan to overcome the obstacles in your path, and connect you with new resources and skills. Through the process of Spiritual Life Coaching, you’ll learn to encounter Christ in more meaningful ways and experience the power of your faith like never before.
Absolutely. Rather than coming to an office, tele-coaching brings your coach into your life. Tele-coaching is a convenient and effective way to get the support you need to live a more abundant life.
Certainly not. Spiritual Life Coaching is a great way for people at every stage of their spiritual walk to grow in their faith and live a more meaningful, grace-filled life.
After the initial goal planning phase, most people meet with their coach at least every other week. You and your coach will work out a plan that enables you to get the level of support you need to achieve your goals.
While both Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Life Coaching can help you apply your faith to your life in more meaningful and powerful ways, pastoral counseling is primarily concerned with helping people overcome problems that are causing significant struggles in your personal emotional, relational life. By contrast, Spiritual Life Coaching focuses exclusively on helping people gather the resources and skills they need to achieve greater and more rapid personal and spiritual growth.
Although most people will choose to participate in either Pastoral Counseling or Spiritual Life Coaching, there are some times when both can be useful. For instance; a person may hit a snag in the coaching process that may call for brief counseling to support the process. Or, a person who is getting close to graduating from counseling--but who would still like to receive ongoing support to maintain their success--may begin working with a coach. At Pastoral Solutions, our spiritual life coaches and pastoral counselors work together to help you get the level of support you need to achieve and maintain all your goals.
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