God Help Me People

God Help Me! These People Are Driving Me Nuts! Making Peace With Difficult People

“We all talk about the people in our lives who make us want to tear our hair out, but nobody has any clue what to do with them. Dr. Greg Popcak is a wonderful antidote to this problem, sharing a wealth of insights and solid wisdom.”
— Mark P. Shea, author, Making Senses out of Scripture

Sometimes our lives seem filled with people who raise our blood pressure and drive us to distraction. Old enemies, unreasonable employers, petty neighbors, wayward children, and an inattentive spouse can all evoke our anger and frustration. How can we get through the day filled with difficult people? How can we begin to answer the call to love others as God loves us?

 God Help Me! is a practical, humorous, and informative book that integrates cutting-edge psychology, case studies, and healing principles. Building on years of personal and professional experience, Popcak provides realistic strategies for assessing, cultivating, and benefiting from mature, peaceful relationships. God Help Me! will enrich your life by helping you discover the surprising answers to such questions as:

  • How can I respectfully and lovingly bring about changes in my life and in relationships?
  • How do I cope with people who will not change their self-destructive ways no matter how hard I try to help them?
  • Is it ever acceptable to sever ties with a friend or family member?

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