How do I know what I need?

What’s the difference between pastoral counseling and spiritual life coaching? While Pastoral Counseling is focused on finding professional solutions to marriage, family and emotional problems, spiritual life coaching focuses on helping us grow spiritually and living our faith more meaningfully in our daily lives.

Check out the following side-by-side comparison to see the different issues each service addresses.

Pastoral Counseling

  • The problems I’m facing are causing significant stress in my personal, emotional, or relationship life.
  • I’d like to find concrete solutions to certain personal, emotional, or relationship problems.
  • I’d like to get new psychological and spiritual tools to help me deal more effectively with certain life and relationship challenges
  • I’m struggling to be the person I want to be and/or have relationships that are healthy and satisfying.
  • I would like to be set free from the problems and challenges I’m facing.

Spiritual Life Coaching

  • I’m less interested in solving problems than in achieving greater clarity about the direction of my life and what God wants for me.
  • I’d like to acquire new tools and skills to help me achieve greater personal/spiritual growth.
  • I’d like to have a more meaningful prayer life and/or a deeper, more personal relationship with God.
  • I’d like to more clearly hear God’s voice and know his will for my life.
  • I’d like to feel God’s presence more clearly in the midst of the challenges of my life.