How do I know what I need?

Check out the following side-by-side comparison to see the different issues each service addresses.

Pastoral Counseling

  • The problems I’m facing are causing significant stress in my personal, emotional, or relationship life.
  • I’d like to find concrete solutions to certain personal, emotional, or relationship problems.
  • I’d like to get new psychological and spiritual tools to help me deal more effectively with certain life and relationship challenges
  • I’m struggling to be the person I want to be and/or have relationships that are healthy and satisfying.
  • I would like to be set free from the problems and challenges I’m facing.

St. Sebastian Center for Performance Excellence

  • Utilizes research based strategies and a faith based approach.
  • Increase confidence, overcome challenges, achieve your goals.
  • Individuals, teams, groups, organizations.
  • Performing Artists, Athletes, Corporate Professionals, Everyday Life.
  • High school, college, adults/professional levels.