There is a lot of attention given to those who struggle with pornography, but not so much for the spouses of porn users. Reconnected is a program to help people who feel betrayed because of their spouses porn usage to identify that they are not the cause of this behavior and to assist them to reconnect (reconcile) with their partners. This 15 week  course is an online group therapy program, designed and facilitated by Dr. Mark Kolodziej from,  a couples counselor who brings our Catholic faith into the healing process.

Here are some of the things you’ll discover in RECONNECTED

    • -Porn Myths
    • -Its Not your fault
    • -History of Phonography
    • -Shame and Guilt
    • -The brain on pornography
    • -Betrayal and anger
    • -Rebuilding trust
    • -Forgiveness
    • -Holy Sex
    • -Informing Family
    • -Our faith and pornography
    • -Relapse
    • -Helping and providing support for the addict
    • -Self-Care

All sessions will be live Zoom groups offered at regular, weekly times.

The cost of the program is $50 a session (Plus course materials).

This course is no longer accepting new participants. Check back soon for our next course. It’s time to get RECONNECTED with God’s plan for a happier, healthier, holier,  porn-free, life.