The Saint Sebastian Center for Performance Excellence is dedicated to utilizing a strengths based approach to help athletes, performing artists, and professionals overcome challenges, develop confidence, and achieve their goals.

Our Services

The Saint Sebastian Center offers individual counseling/performance coaching and mental skills training for individuals as well as team or group performance workshops. Services are primarily tele-health based to help you meet your goals amidst your busy schedule!

What You Will Learn

Through the use of research-based strategies, you and/or your team will learn skills and tools to build confidence, manage anxiety, develop resilience, increase performance ability, and improve team dynamics.

Who We Are

Rachael (Popcak) Isaac, LCSW, CPT is the founder of the Saint
Sebastian Center for Performance Excellence. Rachael completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology at Franciscan University of Steubenville and obtained her Masters in Social Work (Clinical Specialization) from the University of Pittsburgh. Throughout her education and career she has specialized in success psychology and sports psychology and has worked with individuals, teams, and organizations from high school to professional levels.

Rachael is a lifelong athlete and performing artists who has specialized in performance psychology throughout her education and career. Rachael’s clinical approach is rooted in a strengths based perspective, helping individuals discover and develop their innate resources to achieve their goals.

Areas of Focus

Rachael has spoken/presented on topics related to confidence building, stress management, anxiety management, self-talk, team dynamics, time management, performance strategies, focus improvement, motivation, and more.

Reach us at 800-274-4658

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