Cosmo and Vice Magazine Say Public Waking Up to Dark Side of The Pill



There have been two major secular articles in the last several months–one in Cosmopolitan and the other in the online pop mag Vice–that explore why women should think twice about their casual acceptance of the Pill.

I encourage everyone to read the articles (with the qualifier that the are both fairly graphic and use potentially offensive language) and promote the articles far and wide.  People need to know about the truth of how the Pill is wrecking both women’s health and relationships and Catholics need to know how to address this issue in ways the secular mind can comprehend.  Reading pieces like the ones I’m linking here may stretch some reader’s comfort zones, but if you can’t evangelize effectively if you don’t know how to meet people where they are at.  Taken together, these two articles represent powerful weapons in the pro-life, pro-NFP arsenal that Catholics would be foolish to ignore.

The Weird Way The Pill is Effing With Your Health–Cosmo

Why Can’t We Be More Critical of the Pill–Vice.

And if you are looking for an effective way to both live out the fullness of the Catholic vision of love in your marriage and help your friends see the practical blessings that accompany a Christian view of sex, I hope you’ll pick of a copy of Holy Sex! The Catholic Guide to Toe-Curling, Mind-Blowing, Infallible Loving.  Here is what one reader had to say about it…

“This book was literally God sent. Through much prayer God heard me. Out of no where in a difficult time I heard the title and author It changed my life our life! Thank you Dr. Popcak! And thank you God! My husband and I read it together and I wish more catholic couples would re discover Holy Sex!”

Check out the articles about and the book.  I hope you will be blessed by these resources that help you experience God’s love more fully in your marriage and do a more effective job proclaiming the love of God to the world.

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