Great Tip for Celebrating Family Life

Today on More2Life Radio, we had a Family Fiesta, celebrating all the good things about our listener’s families and working through the struggles that stop them from enjoying family life as much as they’d like.   A big part of the conversation were the importance of family traditions, opportunities to gather together and celebrate everything that makes your family a treasure

Here’s a great article from the Art of Manliness about the importance of traditions.  It offers some great ideas for beefing up your connection with those traditions that make you an even stronger more loving family.  Sometimes traditions are the things we look forward to, sometimes their the things we loathe, but they always represent ties that bind.  Here’s a sample of what I mean from the article.

To celebrate our family’s Mexican heritage, on Christmas Eve we would eat tamales, enchiladas, sopapillas, and pozole. Both my brother Larry and I eagerly devoured everything on the menu except for the pozole, which we despised. (For those of you who don’t know, pozole is a traditional Mexican maize stew that usually includes chilies and some sort of meat, like pork or cow tripe. I don’t know why we didn’t like it. I actually find the dish quite delicious nowadays).

Our bellyaching about pozole would begin in the morning….  READ MORE

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