“Sto Lat!” Now (even more) Popcak in Poland


Sadly, I’ve never actually been to Poland, but considering that the core mission of my ministry is helping people apply principles from St John Paul II’s Theology of the Body to the challenges of daily life, I’m honored to be able to say that  almost every one of my books has been published in the homeland of St. John Paul II.  I have just learned that two more came out this month.  Parenting with Grace and Just Married  have both  just been translated and released.

The polish edition of Just Married is titled, Szczęść Boże młodej parze!  (God Bless The Young Couple) and the polish edition of Parenting with Grace is titled, WE WSPÓŁPRACY Z ŁASKĄ: Katolicki poradnik o tym jak wychowywać (prawie) doskonałe dzieci  (In Cooperation with Grace: The Catholic Guide to Raising (nearly) Perfect Children.)

Please pray that these new resources would touch the hearts of couples and families in the land of St John Paul II.  Sto lat!



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