Why Am I Catholic?

The Poobah’s at Patheos descended today from on high to invite the lowly serfs laboring in the digital fields of their various channels to write, in 200 words or less, why we are whatever faith we are.  Here’s my contribution of 198 words (but who’s counting?)

So, why are you Catholic?  Share your thoughts


If religion represents the human quest to draw closer to God, I want nothing less than a religion that makes the boldest, most audacious claims about the kind of relationship that’s possible to achieve.  The general Christian belief in a God who wants a personal relationship with us is certainly revolutionary.  No other faith comes close.  But shockingly, Catholics believe that asking Jesus Christ to be our “personal Lord and Savior” doesn’t go nearly far enough.

More than a spiritual communion, Catholics believe God desires to be physically united with us too.  We are not just spirits.  We are ensouled bodies and God wants every part of us for himself (Rom 14:8).  Because of the Eucharist, the true Body and Blood of Christ (Jn 6:55), I am one with His Flesh and His Blood courses through my veins.  I am not just spiritually part of God’s family, I am his real kin, his own “flesh and blood.”   Having received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in the most personal way possible, I am made a son of God, not metaphorically.  Literally (CCC #460, 1391).

Relationship with God doesn’t get any closer than that.  That’s why I’m Catholic.


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