Because No One Does Tolerance Like the Germans — (German Judge Torments Homeschooling Family)

This is terrifying….

Many readers may recall that in August, German authorities used the equivalent of a SWAT team to remove children from their homeschooling parents.  20 jack booted thugs (literally) burst into the Wunderlich’s home and took their children, even though the judge in the case admits that the children were well-adjusted and well cared for.  The problem is that in Germany, homeschooling is unconscionable and anti-social (because Germans are so pro-social) and so, despite all evidence to the contrary, the mere fact of homeschooling is enough to have your home violated and your children kidnapped by the state.  The children were returned to the family after three weeks when they agreed to enroll their children in public school over their religious objections.

The family then made plans to leave the country so that they could resume homeschooling.

Sadly the case just got worse.  This week, the judge ruled that family could not leave the country.  Further he told them that if they did leave, then he would pursue extradition and prosecution of the parents in criminal court.

You can read more here.

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