Why is the Church Hung Up on Sex?

It seems like every time you hear about the Catholic Church in the media, they’re talking about sexuality – marriage issues, contraception, sexual morality, etc. But the question remains: why is the Church so hung up on sex? Aren’t there more important things to talk about? Theology of the Body Executive Director Damon Owens attempts to clear up the confusion.

Answering Scandal in the Church

When the question of scandal is brought up in regards to the church it is important to not connect the sin of the person and blame the church. Michelle Wright reminds us that while people are not perfect, God is and the Church is His, not ours.

Does the Church Hate Sex?

The way people think that the Church treats sex is often vastly different from what she actually teaches. Dr. Gregory Popcak, Executive Director of PaxCare and author of “Holy Sex!” addresses how the Church’s teachings on sex have been misconstrued and distorted from the true reality of the good and beautiful message of the Church’s teachings on sex.

When Will the Church Change?

The teachings of the Church often seem stale, outdated, and irrelevant because of how old they are. How can the teachings of the Church still be relevant to the issues effecting the world today? Michelle Wright explains how the teachings of the Church are set in stone and how these teachings can be interpreted to apply to any issue in the world today.