Creative Discipline that Works! Kathleen Basi Reviews a Great Idea for Raising More Virtuous Kids.


Kathleen Basi interviewed Lisa and I for an upcoming issue of Family Foundations.  Here’s what she had to say about one of the discipline ideas we recommend in Parenting with Grace that we discussed in our interview.

We did this exercise on Easter night, and we have already had three occasions to refer to these “shields.” I have hung them in the kitchen, where people are constantly walking by and where they are in plain view from the table. I really love this idea of giving children the chance to think forward in their lives, to be intentional about who they want to be. I love it for their sake, and I love it for mine, because it helps keep me focused on the end game instead of the chaotic minutiae. And I love it especially because the long-term can seem so overwhelming and nebulous, and this cuts through all that and gives us a trajectory to follow.   Popcaks for the win.

What was Kathleen so excited about?  Read her post here  (and check out the adorable family photos)!

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