Holy Sex! More Resources for Infallible Loving

When my book, Holy Sex! A Catholic Guide to Toe Curling, Mind Blowing, Infallible Loving came out in 2008, it was (to my knowledge) the first and (again, to my knowledge) still is the only book to which faithful Catholics can turn to address real,  practical questions about sex, sexuality, and sexual problems.

And although Holy Sex! continues to be the only published resource that exists to help faithful, Catholic married couples celebrate the fullness of their marital love, I am pleased to report that I recently discovered two internet resources that should be regular stops for any Catholic couple that wants to understand more about what the Church really teaches about sex and get the support they need to enjoy their sexual relationship as fully as God intended it to be enjoyed.

Real Catholic Love and Sex and Catholic Sex are both wonderful blogs that offer a frank, faithful, and appropriately funny look at love and sex from a Catholic perspective.  The bloggers at each respective site are not professional theologians or counselors, but they are both very well read and very well-informed and have a refreshingly healthy perspective on sexuality and marital love.    Real Catholic Love and Sex is co-authored by a man, “James” (attorney) and a woman, “Kate”  (degree in religious studies). They are both solid Catholics and both happily married (though not to each other).  Kate began the blog and  James was a frequent commenter who regularly offered particularly useful insights about the science of Natural Family Planning and the male perspective on various topics related to Catholic sexuality.  They blog anonymously, but I’ve had the opportunity to correspond with both and they are lovely people as well as solid writers.   I think you’ll both enjoy their work and learn a lot from them.

The woman behind  Catholic Sex is a little more mysterious but no less delightful.  The author blogs anonymously  as “Mrs. Chastity”  and identifies herself as married, a convert to the faith and an “academic.”  She, too, is fearless in the various topics she covers and writes in an thoughtful, frank, faithful and funny style that edifies, informs and entertains.  It’s really great stuff.

As with all internet resources, if you ever have any questions about what you read, by all means check the writer’s math with a trusted, authoritative source.  But I have to say that I’ve read many, many weeks worth of their writing at this point and have found nothing to give me pause.  If you like my book, chances are you’ll enjoy these sites.  Of course if you didn’t like my book, well, “boo-hiss” to you  😉  and  that’s good information to keep in mind if you visit either of these resources as well.

Regardless, I genuinely appreciate that others are taking up Blessed Pope John Paul II’s call to “Be not afraid!” and proclaim the good news of the Catholic vision of sex and love.  It’s exciting to meet other people who really understand how the Church’s teachings on sexuality can set couples free to enjoy the fullness of marital love.   I hope that these resources will be a blessing to you as Holy Sex! has been to thousands of readers over the last several years.  Check them thou out!

And for more information on becoming  infallible lovers, pick up a copy of Holy Sex! A Catholic Guide to Toe-Curling, Mind-Blowing, Infallible Loving for you and your spouse!

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