Public Service Announcement—

Whew!  Busy day.   Just a closing thought before I hang the “back tomorrow” sign on the front door.

If your initial reaction to a post by a guy you don’t personally know, will never have to deal with in real life, and isn’t actually addressing you directly is,


Then may I respectfully suggest that…

1) you are not nearly as secure in your decisions as you like to pretend.

2) that you, on some level, know what you’re doing is hard to defend and as much as you want it to pretend it’s working, it probably isn’t.

3) its ok to admit that despite the fact that you’ve done the best you could, it’s not the best you can yet do, and maybe you could still learn something

‘Cause if the none of the above were true, you would read what said guy wrote, think, “Hmmph, what a dummy.”  And then go read something else.

But if you’re hanging around here fighting, at some point you’re going to have to reckon with the fact that you are fighting with yourself, not me.  I have no interest in fighting with anyone about anything.  God has given me some things that I–and many, many others— have found to be very good and very true and I owe it to him to share those things with other people who might be interested.  I put the gifts he’s given me out there, and if anyone is blessed by it, I’ve done my job.  But it’s a big internet, kids, and I am totally cool with you going to play somewhere else.  There are lots of other people who will tell you that you are awesome just the way you are.  By all means, go hang out with them.   That said, if something keeps dragging you back here despite how much you are infuriated by what you read, maybe you should pray on that instead of trying to kill the messenger.

Either way, I hope you find the peace you’re seeking.  And if I can do anything to help in that regard.  I’m here for you.  God Bless.

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