Rise Up and Walk: Plugging in to the Power of Grace

rise-coverRise Up and Walk: Plugging in to the Power of Grace

Is stress, despair, or fear sapping your strength and robbing your joy? Do you feel like you pray and pray, but nothing ever changes? We have one thing to say to you – “Rise up and walk!”

Rise Up and Walk! Plugging In to the Power of Grace with Catholic psychotherapist Gregory Popcak, and his wife, family life educator, Lisa Popcak, is a powerful, practical, life-changing series that will help you eliminate the internal obstacles to grace that choke your heart, cloud your mind, and sap your strength.

You’ll learn about:

  • 10 obstacles that block your ability to experience and cooperate with grace, and how to eliminate them.
  • The simple, three-step process that will empower you to find grace-filled solutions to even the toughest relationship and personal problems.
  • The one thing you must know to remain calm and effective under pressure.
  • How to discern-with confidence-the next step God wants you to take, and how to find the courage to take it.

When life’s problems knock you down, Rise Up and Walk! and see what wonders God can work in your life.

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