Martha Sears Invites Dr. Greg Popcak to Serve on Attachment Parenting International–Resource Advisory Council

I was genuinely honored today to receive an invitation from internationally-recognized parenting expert/author, Martha Sears,  and  Attachment Parenting International Board President, Janet Jendron, to become a member of API’s Resource Advisory Council. 

Dear Greg,

I am happy to inform you that the Board of Directors for Attachment Parenting International has voted to ask you to become one of our advisors on the API Resource Advisory Council.  Having you as a resource, as an advisor, for the work API does will be valuable in many ways.  You will bring a much needed expertise to API, and we appreciate that you have been a friend of API for a long time.

We are looking forward to your acceptance and your increased involvement with the important task we all have to help parents be the best parents for the children they have in their care.  We thank you so much for considering this, as we have enjoyed the writing and media work you and Lisa do.

All best,  Martha Sears

I look forward to lending my professional support to API and helping them continue their excellent work of helping moms and dads raise truly remarkable children.  To learn more about attachment parenting and applying the principles of Blessed Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body to parenting and family life, check out the many great resources at the Attachment Parenting International website, as well as my and Lisa’s books, Parenting with Grace and Beyond the Birds and the Bees.