The Difference Between Reasons and Accountability

A friend of mine posted this reflection to her Facebook page.  I thought it offered some valuable insights and I wanted to share it with you.  She writes…

I think I finally understand the relationship between reasons and accountability. There may be a very good and legitimate reason for something, but that doesn’t erase my accountability.

For example, I told someone I would complete a project by tomorrow. I’m not going to finish by then. The reason is that my son came home unexpectedly for Mother’s Day and I chose to spend the time with him instead of working. That was a legitimate and even good reason to miss the deadline.

However, that didn’t remove my accountability, so I had to create a consequence that effected me and benefit the person I let down. I may have a good reason for my actions and that reason may remove any guilt or potential anger from others, but it doesn’t remove my accountability.

This is both tough to accept and empowering. I am always accountable as long as I have the physical and mental capacity to fulfill the commitment. If it becomes totally impossible, then I still have to accept the accountability and consequences.

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