Why, yes, Mr. Reporter, of course Catholics have women priests.

An acquaintance of mine who works in public relations was bemoaning a conversation with a producer for a liberal cable news outlet. The producer asked my friend if the Catholic speakers she represents would be prepared to discuss the likelihood of women priests under a new pontificate.  She, of course, was frustrated and annoyed.  I, on the other hand, see an awesome opportunity.

As a therapist, I spend a lot of time contemplating gender issues and the war between the sexes.  As a Catholic, especially one immersed in the Theology of the Body, I have a particular interest in how these issues play out in the Church.  As such, I’ve often imagined my answer to such a question.  Here’s what I think I’d say…

“Well, Mr. (or Ms.) Reporter, what most people don’t know is that Catholics DO have women priests.  It’s called the common priesthood of the baptized.  Although it isn’t PC to say so, the truth is every baptized Catholic woman on the planet has the same spiritual authority as any protestant minister who cannot claim apostolic succession.  So, yes. Catholics have women priests.  Millions of them. And I would like to see the next Pope do a better job of asserting that truth to the world.”

Of course, my answer would get me written off as a crank.  But it happens to be true. And it would be nice to hear someone say something different when the question came up. What do you all y’all think?

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