3 Steps to Conquering Obstacles and Achieving Your Goals

In a constantly changing world it’s important to grow and strive to be the best version of ourselves. This way, we can adapt to the challenges we encounter and, ultimately, use them become the person that God created us to be.
Even so, most of us are all too aware of how difficult this can be, as well as the obstacles we may face in pursuing personal growth.



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While there are many effective techniques we can use to supercharge our pursuit of excellence, one in particular has been especially helpful to both me and the clients I work with. I call it, “The Most/Least Technique.”

Start by identifying the strength or quality that would help you be more effective in achieving your goal. For instance, you might want to focus on creating connection, being more assertive,  displaying more empathy, etc.

Once you identify the quality you want/need to focus on, ask yourself the following questions:


  1. At what point today was I MOST fill in the blank (i.e. Most connected to others, most assertive, most empathetic)?
  1. At what point today was I LEAST fill in the blank (i.e. Least connected to others, least assertive, least empathetic)?
  1. What is ONE, CONCRETE, TANGIBLE thing I can do tomorrow to help me be MORE fill in the blank (i.e. More connected to others, more assertive, more empathetic).


This exercise is a simple way to make conscious use of the events of each day to become the person we were created to be.

It’s easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of everyday life, or to focus on the things we didn’t get done or wish we could do better. However that type of thinking causes us to deviate from our success. Working through The Most/Least technique every day helps us take charge of our growth and more consciously work toward becoming the whole, healed, godly, grace-filled people we were created to be.

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