Want to Bring the World to Christ? Strengthen Your Marriage!


People seem to think that working on their marriage is somehow self-serving or selfish. But the Theology of the Body reminds us that people aren’t converted by words and concept and arguments. They are converted by an encounter with the love the comes from God’s own heart–the free, total, faithful fruitful love Catholic couples are called to witness to in their dynamic, passionate, joyful, grace-filled marriage and family lives. 

Couples don’t have to be perfect, but if they are committed to learning how to live God’s love for each other in good times and bad…, they will be a powerful witness that will turn hearts to God. We need to be the Church that makes people say (to paraphrase Tertullian), “Look at those Catholic couples and families! See how they love one another!”

God wants to change the world through our marriages. When we work on those relationships, we help him change the world through our witness of love.

Check out these marriage-building resources or contact the Pastoral Solutions Institute to learn more about our tele-counseling practice.  You and your spouse can be the loving witness you were meant to be.

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