40 Days for a Better Marriage Challenge–Mon 2/18

40 Days to a Better Marriage:  Monday 2/18–The Visual Lovestyle:  Your Mate knows you love him or her through all the senses.  Today, focus on your spouse’s visual lovestyle.  Some examples:  SHOW your spouse how much you love him or her….  Give your husband a note or a card.  Write a letter telling your wife how much she means to you.  Pick up a small token of affection at the store, but wrap it beautifully to show the thought you put into the gift.  Bring home flowers.  Or think of something else you can do to ignite the light of love in your mate’s eyes.

——For the next 40 days, M2L will offer a tip-a-day for improving your marriage. For more help creating an exceptional marriage, contact the Pastoral Solutions Institute to learn more about Catholic tele-counseling services. 740-266-6461.

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