40 Days to A Better Marriage Tip–Monday 2/25 Prioritize Your Marriage TODAY!

Is a good marriage a value or an ideal for you?   (h/t Retrouvaille‘s Frank and Julie LaBoda)

A VALUE is something we recognize as good and worthwhile and we choose to have it in our life now by sacrificing other things.   An IDEAL is something we recognize as good and worthwhile and we want it in our life sometime in the future, but we’re not willing to sacrifice for it right now.

Just a few minutes of self reflection will reveal how your time each day is spent. Will you be surprised to find out that watching TV or spending time on the computer are VALUES, yet time (any time…much less meaningful time) spent with your spouse is just an IDEAL?

Today, decide to value your marriage.  Intentionally cancel some TV or computer time.  Reschedule a non-essential appointment.  Knock off early from work.  Sacrifice something to get more time with your spouse today!

——For the next 40 days, M2L will offer a tip-a-day for improving your marriage. For more help creating an exceptional marriage, contact the Pastoral Solutions Institute to learn more about Catholic tele-counseling services. 740-266-6461.

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