Lesson #11 – Your Bodies Are A Prayer

This lesson is delivered via a video platform.  Please watch the video below and then proceed to the quiz that follows.



Take a few moments to discuss the following with each other.

  1. What do you think about the idea that our bodies are in need of redemption as much as our souls and minds?  How does this notion affect your attitude toward living the Catholic vision of love and sex in your marriage?
  2. Living the Church’s teaching on sexuality is an important way married couple make an embodied “yes” to Christ’s invitation to follow him.  Have you asked God to be the Lord of your body?  What would it be like to give God not just your mind and your soul, but your body too?
  3. What does it mean to say that, “our body is a prayer?” What difference does this fact make to Christian marriage?



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For Better…FOREVER! The Catholic Guide to Lifelong Marriage. Greg and Lisa Popcak, Our Sunday Visitor.