Lesson #2: Marriage—The School of Love

This lesson is delivered via a video platform.  Please watch the video below and then proceed to the quiz that follows.



Take a few moments to discuss the following with each other.

  1. How does the definition of love presented in the video compare with the understanding of love you grew up with?
  2. How does thinking about marriage as a lifelong “school of love,” in which you learn how to love each other with a divine love—rather than just your human love–change your view of what Catholic marriage requires of you?
  3. Discuss what it means to you, practically speaking to love each other freely, totally, faithfully, and fruitfully.


For BetterFOREVER!  The Catholic Guide to Lifelong Marriage (Revised and Expanded).
Chapter 1—Vive La Catholic Difference.  Greg and Lisa Popcak , Our Sunday Visitor

Marriage and Faith Video Series  God’s Plan For A Joy-Filled Marriage, Damon Owens