Lesson #7 – The Two Become One: The Unitive End of Marriage

This lesson is delivered via a video platform.  Please watch the video below and then proceed to the quiz that follows.



Take a few moments to discuss the following with each other

  1. How does the scientific fact that sex causes a neurological link between lovers challenge the popular view of sex as mere recreation?  How does it challenge my views about the significance of sex?
  2. Were you aware that “sex is the sacramental stuff of marriage”? What do you think about the idea that your marital sexual lives are supposed to play a role in helping you become spiritually healthier and holier people?
  3. Does it surprise you that the things that sustain a healthy sex life in marriage are different than the things that drive a sex outside marriage? How does this fact challenge your ideas about what it will take to have a healthy, holy, lifelong marital sexuality?
  4. What does it change about your views of sex to recognize that while sex outside of marriage is, by nature, self-protective, sex in marriage is meant to be free, total, faithful and fruitful?



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