Lesson #9 – NFP—A Fitness Plan For Love

This lesson is delivered via a video platform.  Please watch the video below and then proceed to the quiz that follows.



Take a few moments to discuss the following with each other.

  1. Why is it incorrect to think of Natural Family Planning as “Catholic contraception?”
  2. What is “responsible parenthood” and how should it impact the way you view your marriage in general and your sexual relationship in particular?
  3. How is the Catholic understanding of sexuality and childbearing presented in this unit different from the world’s view of the same? Recognizing that getting married in the Church means that you are promising to learn to live the Catholic vision of love in every part of your marriage, what would you need to do to bring your own views more in line with that of the Church’s?
  4. What will it be like to pray with your partner about God’s plan for your sexual relationship and family size?  How might you work through any discomfort with the idea?


Holy Sex!  A Catholic Guide to Toe-Curling, Mind-Blowing, Infallible Loving.  Greg Popcak, Crossroad Publishing.

Psychobehavioral Effect of Hormonal Contraception

Birth Control Pill Increases Breast Cancer Risk by Up To 38%

Women Using Hormonal Contraception Have Up To 80% Greater Risk of Depression