A Perfect Storm: Dr. Scott Stanley Sees A Dark Future for Family Life

University of Denver family researcher, Dr. Scott Stanley, offers a particularly insightful perspective on the co-occurrence of three factors that don’t bode well for the future of the family, and society, as we know it.

Although much evidence suggests that we are becoming a better world with increasing prosperity and health, I worry about some large, dark clouds on the horizon. Left unchecked, the trends on the horizon threaten to become a perfect storm in such a way that the vessel of society has some serious difficulty staying on course or even afloat. My worries arise from three basic assertions, which I’ll list and then explain:

1. Attachment is an unalterable, important human need and reality, and the formation of attachment systems in individuals dramatically affects their ability to have healthy relationships throughout life.

2. With an ever-greater amount of family instability for young children, I believe we must be raising the greatest number of children ever who will grow up with serious attachment issues.

3. The cultural systems and structures that always have helped couples clarify, form, and maintain strong commitments have been steadily eroding.

I’ll take these assertions in order.   READ MORE


I hope you’ll click the above link and actually read the article. It’s tremendous and eye-opening.

That said, his message highlights an important call for Catholic families.  We MUST stand in the gap.  It isn’t enough to just parent like everyone else any more.  We must lead the way by putting forth a truly loving model of family life rooted in the vision of the Theology of the Body.  That’s why Lisa and I have written the books we have and do the broadcasting and counseling work we do.  This is the moment where Catholics have to stand in the gap and show the world what family life can be.  I hope you will join us in this mission by picking up a copy of Parenting with Grace and discovering for yourself what the Catholic vision of love can do for your family.

God wants to change the world through your family.    Let him start today.

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