For Better…FOREVER! A Catholic Guide to Lifelong Marriage

forbetter-coverFor Better…FOREVER! A Catholic Guide to Lifelong Marriage

You can have a marriage that makes the angels smile (and the neighbors sick with jealousy)!   Discover the secrets of creating a lifelong, passionate, faithful marriage.

You can have a marvelous marriage. No matter if you’re a newly-wed or celebrating your golden anniversary, you can make your marriage everything you’ve ever wanted it to be.
So what’s the secret to an amazing marriage?

Drawing from his years of clinical practice, as well as his own experiences as a husband and father, Gregory Popcak explores the characteristics that create strong relationships and helps couples determine both their strengths and their weaknesses. By showing how all marriages must move along “The Relationship Pathway,” from less fulfilling to exceptional, Popcak offers down-to-earth ideas and suggestions for keeping marriages alive and vital long after the wedding ceremony.

Every marriage has the potential to live happily ever after — including yours! Discover what you can do to make your dream come true today!

“Popcak brings a marriage counselor’s heart and a comedian’s wit to this resource on love and marriage. He’s passionate about the subject and obviously had a great time writing this book, as evidenced by such chapter titles as, “Holy Sex, Batman!” and “Der Intimacy Ist Good, Jah?” Popcak’s advice for creating strong, loving marriages is biblically based, while quotes from the likes of Paul Reiser and Sting give the book a distinctly contemporary feel. A wealth of quizzes, self-tests, and intimacy-building exercises makes this one of the more interactive marriage guides on the market. While this book is targeted to Catholic readers, with marriage often discussed in the light of Catholic theology, any couple wanting to improve their marriage will benefit from Popcak’s practical, well-presented advice.” –Todd Hafer of CBA Marketplace

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