How do you make a man disappear?

Put him on trial for capital murder.

The way reporters are handling the case of Kermit Gosnell (by not handling it at all)  is a travesty even considering the travesty that constitutes journalism today.  I’m used to the Liberal Ministers of Truthiness(TM) downplaying the March for Life or other Pro-life stories.  I’ve even largely come to accept that is just the way it is. But THIS?  This is an unconscionable conspiracy of silence.  We’re talking about a man who was responsible for “aborting” hundreds of  all-but full term babies by delivering them, cutting their spine with scissors while they screamed in pain, and pocketing over a million dollars a year for the effort.  This is the stuff Bond villains are made of.

Whatever you think about abortion, this is a story.  Except, of course, it’s about abortion–the Mainstream Media’s only Sacrament–and heresy is not tolerated by the High Priests of the Church of the Fourth Estate. Speaking as your local, licensed mental health professional, this goes way beyond simple denial.  This is the news media committing the same crime of covering up unpleasant truths they are only too happy to–justly–go after our bishops for.  What a bunch of hypocrites.  When it’s their religion that’s committing crimes–their sacrament at stake–willful ignorance is the cardinal virtue.

I see some people are starting to notice and be outraged.  I would like to respectfully ask you to join the growing voices protesting these ostriches masquerading as men and women of the vaunted “press.”  Well, we don’t have to rely on old media any more.  The Patheos journalism of religion blog, Get Religion is on the case.  Please share their post on this atrocity on your FB page, twitter, blogs, and other social media.  We must do whatever we can to shame these ersatz professionals into doing their pathetic jobs.   The babies who were murdered by this monster cannot cry out.  The women abused by this murderer are being silenced by the very people who should be advocating for them.  We cannot let their pain go unanswered.

It’s a small thing.  Share this story.  Spread the word.  Shame these bastards into doing their job.

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