Congrats Homely Guys! You CAN Still Get the Girl! (Just don’t break the rules.)

Image via Shuttershock

Image via Shuttershock

Good news for homely guys.  Research examining the first impression men make on women found that attractiveness matters less than socially responsible behavior.  According to PsychCentral….

“A new study shows that a woman’s view of a man is influenced by how handsome and law-abiding he is. In other words, women will tolerate an unattractive man up to a point, but will have no problem shunning him if he misbehaves.

For the study, researchers tested if and how levels of attractiveness and conforming to social norms combine to influence 170 college women’s perceptions of men. Two male faces, one attractive and the other unattractive but with similar features, were paired in two written scenarios. In the one, the man took part in socially unacceptable behavior, while the other did not.

The findings showed that it was a much greater put-off when a man transgressed a social norm than when he was unattractive.  

Normally, women do not feel differently towards a homely man who toes the line. If that same man, however, crosses the boundaries of right or wrong, a magnified or “double” devil effect comes into play. He is then looked at in an extremely negative light, much more so than would have been the case if he were handsome.

‘The unattractive male is tolerated up to a point; his unattractiveness is OK until he misbehaves,’ says Gibson.”  READ THE REST


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