Kids from Large Families Better Socialized, Less Likely to Divorce as Adults, Studies Say.

So here’s one for all the moms and dads of many who are a little worn out from all the negative comments on the playground and at the water cooler.  It turns out the Church is right, the best gift you can give to your children is a sibling. In fact, maybe several.

A recent study conducted by sociologists at The Ohio State University shows that an individual child’s risk of divorcing as an adult decreases by about 2% per sibling.  The researchers found a steady increase in marital stability for children from large families up to at least 7 children.  The limits of the study prevented researchers from making assertions beyond this point.

A previous study by the same authors in 2004 found that kindergarten teachers rated children from larger families as better socialized than only children (although this tended to wear off by adolescence when only children catch up socially with their peers from larger families).

Thanks to all the larger families out there for helping to fight the culture of divorce!


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