New Tender Tidings Emagazine for Catholic Parents is Now Available!

Kim Cameron-Smith, founder of and More2Life Radio Contributor just let me know that The Fall 2014 issue of Tender Tidings, CAPC’s FREE parenting magazine, is nowshutterstock_163230620 available!

In this issue:

~Hospitality: Making a House a Home
~Marriage: Does your spouse feel like a priority in your life?
~Balance: Simplifying our homes and our calendars
~Dr. Greg answers some stumpers from real parents. Is it wrong to practice yoga in order to relax? What should we do if an older child wants to sleep in the family bed? What should we do if our child cries when we drop her off at school?
~Family prayer: Marcia helps us make a prayer plan for our family no matter our experience.    PLUS MORE!


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