Unleash the Spiritual Power of YOUR Marriage and Family!

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Do you know how to tap into the incredible spiritual power of your marriage and family life?

The truth is, there is a treasure-trove of grace hidden in plain sight, just beneath the surface of all the things we tend to take for granted.  Mundane tasks like raising a family, attending to your marriage, paying your bills, or caring for your home may not seem very exciting, but God has blessed even these simple tasks with the power to be instruments of profound spiritual growth and graceful change.

Now, you can unlock the spiritual power of your marriage and family life.  Holy Apostles College and Seminary MAPS Program is offering an exciting new online course, Nurturing the Domestic Church, to help you discover all the amazing ways God is reaching out to you through your spouse, your children, and your home. Developed and taught by MAPS Director and co-host of EWTN’s popular  MORE2LIFE radio program, Dr. Greg Popcak, Nurturing the Domestic Church is intended to help you explore how to get more out of your marriage and family life and grow in grace while you do it!  Some of the topics we’ll cover include…

-How to draw closer to God even in the middle of all the distractions of family life!

-How to get your spouse and kids excited about family prayer.

-How to hear God speaking to you through the little events of marriage and family life.

-How to discern your family’s mission and spiritual gifts.

-How to grow spiritually at home even if your spouse isn’t in the same spiritual place.

-How to nurture your children’s faith and help them live as intentional disciples throughout their lives.

-How to experience a prayer life that grows out of your busy family life–instead of competing with it.

-How motherhood and fatherhood are ministries that can help you both experience and share God’s love in more powerful ways.

-And so much more!

You can choose to take Nurturing the Domestic Church as a stand-alone course, simply for personal interest, or you can take it as your first step on the road to achieving your fully accredited, fully online, Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies (MAPS) degree.  With  7 different ministry concentrations, one is sure to interest you.  Whether you just want to learn how to get more out of your marriage and family life, or you have been thinking about ways you could more effectively build God’s kingdom in your parish or local community, Nurturing the Domestic Church could be the first step to both experiencing God more deeply in your daily life and being a more effective instrument of graceful change in lives of the people you care about.

Interested in learning more?  Inquire about enrollment by sending us an email.  There’s no commitment necessary.  Let’s explore the next steps of this exciting new chapter in your life together!  Registration closes May 6th.


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