World Meeting of Families Speakers Assert, “Family Life is an Activity, NOT an Accessory”



“We need to rediscover the gift of family life; that family life is its own activity, not an accessory.  We can’t simply “have” a family but work on everything else in our lives. Instead, we need to prioritize regular, daily and weekly appointments to work, play, talk, and pray together as a family, and schedule every other outside commitment around those rituals of connection that represent the skeleton of family life.  We need to protect those rituals of connection as the sacred rites of the domestic church.  The family that does this is a revolutionary family that God can use to change the world.

From Dr. Greg and Lisa Popcak’s upcoming World Meeting of Families Talk, See How They Love One Another:  The Family and the Faith.   To learn more about how you can create a family that can celebrate life to the fullest and be an agent of graceful change in the world, check out Parenting with Grace: The Catholic Guide to Raising (almost) Perfect Kids and our brand new title, Discovering God Together:  The Catholic Guide to Raising Faithful Kids.

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