40 Days to a Better Marriage Tip–Wed 3/6: Be a Little Heroic

Chances are, your spouse has asked you to do something for him or her that you’d rather not do.  I’m not referring to anything objectively immoral or personally demeaning, but rather,  those things that just “aren’t you.”  Perhaps your spouse has asked you to be more affectionate, or prayerful, or conversational, or sexual.  Perhaps your spouse has asked you to join in his or her hobby or another activity that is really important to him or her. In any case, it’s probably something you’ve said, “no” to or did once or twice, reluctantly.

It’s important to remember that God brought the two of you together because he knew that without your spouse, there are certain ways you’d never grow.  The needs your spouse expresses to you are an invitation to grow in ways God needs you to grow to become the person he needs you to be.  Today, think of one of those things your spouse has asked of you and either do it, cheerfully, or make plans to get the resources you need to be able to do it in the future (and let your spouse know that you’re doing it).

Accept the intimacy and personal growth that comes from embracing the change God wants to make in you through the gift of your mate.

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