Quick Discipline

Do you ever get frustrated at your kids when they never listen? Lisa Popcak, Co-author of “Grace: The Catholic Guide to Raising Almost Perfect Kids,” provides some helpful advice on how to practically and effectively discipline your children.

Do By Self

One of the most important lessons for children to learn that will effect them later in their life is the ability to act and do things on their own. Dr. Joseph White, child and family psychologist, explains the importance of teaching children self-discipline so that they are not too dependent on adults always giving them direction.

"I Didn't Do It!"

Most children, when they have behaved poorly, do not like to accept the responsibility of their action so they try to dissociate themselves with the action even if they did do something they were not supposed to do. Dr. Joseph White, child and family psychologist, discusses how to teach children that their actions have consequences and when they tell a lie about what they did or didn’t do it injures the trust others have in them.